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Motherhood Newborn Photographer Nicole Braithwaite Gold Coast

Nicole Braithwaite Creative

Photographer & Educator

Gold Coast, Northern Rivers & Surrounds

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Creating Art for mothers | Families | Lovers

Nicole Braithwaite Creative

Hello, I’m Nic

Photography has always been my gateway to understanding the world. It's the art of capturing the moments that often go unnoticed, the stories that are etched into the fabric of our lives.

While I always had a camera in hand while traveling, capturing breathtaking landscapes, my journey into photography really began when I stumbled upon a scene that shifted my entire experience. I was overseas, exploring a road less traveled, when I encountered a mother, sitting on the side of a bustling road with all her life's possessions spilling out of suitcases. Amidst the chaos, she was breastfeeding her newborn, the calm in her eyes contrasting with the whirlwind around her. It was an image that stirred my soul, a blend of vulnerability and strength, a reminder that beauty can be found even in the most unlikely places. This profound moment ignited my passion for documenting the raw and real moments of motherhood and families.

Yet, it wasn't until I became a mother that I truly understood the depth of this journey. When my daughter was born, I picked up my camera again, eager to capture every little detail of her life. But it dawned on me that I hadn't done the same for my own journey into motherhood. I didn't have those heirloom images—the ones that would tell my story to my daughter one day, the highs, the lows, the in-between moments that make life extraordinary. It's a regret that I carry with me, but it's also what drives me to create, to ensure that other women have the chance to tell their stories through photographs.

Photography is more than just images on paper—it's the footprints we leave behind, a visual history that connects generations. Each photograph is a testament to the emotions we felt, the moments that shaped us, the love that endures. This is why I do what I do: to honour your journey, to celebrate the season of life you're in, and to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones.

My love for capturing the beauty of life doesn't stop at motherhood. I've traveled far and wide, exploring the breathtaking landscapes from Australia to the African savannah, from the misty highlands of Scotland to the endless coastlines of faraway places. These wild landscapes remind me of the grandeur of life, each one unique, each one with a story to tell.

So let's create magic together. Let's document your journey, the wild landscapes of your life, the chaotic, the raw, and the breathtakingly beautiful. Because you deserve to have your story told, to have it preserved, and to share it with those who come after you.


Photographer | Educator
Gold Coast, Northern Rivers & Surrounds

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It felt like wandering through a misty fire on the ocean, and it was utterly mesmerising. 

A year and a half into this “career” or as I prefer to call it, passion with a side of admin 😉, I still find myself getting giddy with the change of season colours. Never knowing what you’re going to get, from clients to locations, to the unpredictability of nature, and I absolutely love it. 

This was hands down one of my favourite sunrises of the year, let alone getting to capture the beautiful George in bloom 🥹. 

I’ve got 14 sessions remaining for 2024. 📷

Gold Coast & Northern Rivers:
- August: 2 Sessions Left
- October: 3 Sessions Left (Possibly opening to Sunny Coast)
- November: 4 Sessions Left
- December: 2 Sessions Left

💛 ANNA BAY Sand Dunes 5-9th Sept: 3 sessions left

So please get in touch if you’re looking to work with me this year :).

Nic x

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You see two beautiful hands in this frame. What I saw was two beautiful parents, each holding a child in their arms, reaching out to one another — and knowing that makes this little clip so much sweeter 🥹.

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